Craig Hanson Photography

Craig Hanson Photography

I grew up in the middle of Pennsylvania, which I very recently realized people might consider more Midwest than Northeast. That befuddled me for a few days, but ultimately makes a lot of sense.

For the past decade, I’ve built a life in New York City, leaning into the life of a multi-hyphenate artist. My work explores themes of resilience, quiet power, social justice, and big love. The underlying connection between all the mediums I use, from writing to filming, is an allegiance to rhythm as a tool to connect the voyeur and creator.

Perhaps most importantly, I’ve recently become a mother, and couldn’t be more mystified by it. The clichés are real. It’s beautiful and terrifying all in the same moment and I’m excited to explore more of these contradictions in my writing.

My husband, daughter, cat, and I live in New York City.

Would love to learn more about you. Drop me a line.


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