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Private sessions with Courtney range from

personal training to creative coaching,

in NYC and via Skype.

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feel this burn in nyc

Feel This Burn is a full-body dynamic toning class that exhausts every muscle group and elevates the heart rate all while moving with the music. Light weight and resistance plus the power of your own body weight fuels this class that melds pilates, bootcamp and dance-based movement. Class is bookended with savasana and mindful breathing.  

Every Wednesday @ 9:30am: Downtown Dance Factory, 291 Broadway

Every Mondays @ 6:30pm: DDF, 291 Broadway (beginning June 19th)


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Dream. Set. Make.

DSM events are immersive experiences founded on the mantra: Own your creativity. Make shit happen. As a collaboration between Kara Griffin and Courtney Romano, it takes a holistic, energetically-aligned look at how to make a creative, boundary-busting, whole-hearted life and business. DSM is a place for artists, creative entrepreneurs, spiritual seekers and those looking for an all around deeper connection to their lives to be reinvigorated.

Next Workshop and Deep Dive:

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what clients had to say...


group classes // private sessions

"I cannot praise enough of her. Her bubbly personality and mannerism is so infectious. Firstly, she makes a point to remember everyone's name (we should be wearing "HI MY NAME IS ......." tags" and she tries to build a rapport with all. A late comer pops in.... She gave a friendly wave and without skipping a beat, kept the momentum soaring with a dance routine. Perspiration galore. Out came the bungee rope. It was used for arms and strength training. What impressed me most was the fact that she injected a little humor in her instruction. It's motivating and just makes it more enjoyable. My t-shirt can only absorb so much perspiration..." -- Guan, group class


"I got to take an incredible fitness class today with the amazing Courtney Romano! Keep an eye out for her "Feel This Burn" pop ups! She knows how to get you right in the soul and push you to limits you never even knew you had!! Seriously if you can ever take her class DO IT! You won't regret it!" -- Eddy, group class


"Courtney was amazing to work with.  She's always so positive, kind and fun.  She was able to motivate me even on my worst days, I wholeheartedly recommend Courtney. She made working out fun again.  I felt better instantly and saw the results just after a few sessions! Courtney is energetic and so easy to be around. She seamlessly combines all different styles from dance to boxing to yoga all while working out to amazing set lists.  She always comes prepared and right on time. " -- Kate, private sessions


"Working with Courtney is like working out with your best friend.  She's kind and empathetic and inspiring - but at the same time is tough on you / tells it like it is when you need to hear it...all with a smile. The best thing I've learned from Courtney, is that it's okay to fall.  Fall over in a push-up, fall over in a lunge, fall over when you lose your balance. I realized when I let myself fall, that I had so much more to give than what I thought I did.  It was all mental and I had been holding myself back without realizing it. Courtney reminded me that fitness it not just about losing pounds or inches - but refocusing my thoughts on how my body moved and the beautiful things it could do.  And as a result, I started having fun again which made me WANT to get back into class and work out on my own." -- Leslie, private sessions


"Invaluable. The time I spent working one on one with Courtney was insightful, inspiring, motivating... it was everything I needed to get out of my own way and go out and DO! Words really do not express what an important light Courtney has been in my life... but I can without a doubt say our time and work together was invaluable!" -- Megan, choreographer


"Artists experience deadlock, period.  We get mired down in shame and swampy feelings. Courtney's method unlaces your mucky boots, to feel the grass under your feet, and strategically face your creative obstacles.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about her method." -- Will, performer and choreographer


"I skype-met Courtney after living in Dubai, UAE for six months. I moved from my heart, New York City, with a job offer that would take one year of my life, pay me lots of money, and solve all of my problems so I could live happily ever after back in New York City when the contract ended. Six months in I was depressed, homesick, and thoroughly drained by my work environment. I did something I had never done before. I broke my contract. I quit. 

I wasn't in a hurry to head back to New York. I would need a new job in Dubai, but didn't want anything like I had just experienced. I looked at my sock drawer savings and said ok, make a move. Courtney's No-Fail plan was it. 

With Courtney's help, I went above and beyond my basic desires. I developed a personal business, began taking private clients, and made new connections. I have a day-job again, but now I don't look to my employer for creative stimulation or satisfaction. I write, I teach, I create, and while so much is still unknown, I am excited by being open to whatever life throws my way. 

Although I've still not met Courtney in real-life, I consider her an incredibly valuable member of my support system. The Creative No-Fail plan is a gift that far extends six weeks as it gives you tools to practice creative longevity long after your final Skype call with Courtney. I cannot recommend the experience enough! Courtney is a passionate rockstar. Follow her, support her, welcome her in to your creative circle. Also. Buy her book." -- Haley, personal trainer and writer