the first ten years

The First Ten Years is an anthem for all wandering creatives looking for their path forward. Grab the paperback or eBook here.

Words of Praise for The First Ten Years

“It will inspire you. It made me want to get up and do things and create things. I needed that kind of kick in the butt and that inspiration.”


“With fierce authenticity and immeasurable courage, Courtney Romano delivers deep truths about the process of creating. The First Ten Years makes a space for you to meet yourself anew. We, as the readers, get to accompany Romano in her journey of waking to herself and her power to create. Humility and humor and gratitude run through her storytelling.

Romano supports us with questions about what lives behind the act of creation. The book’s structure allows us to breathe with Romano; the chapters offer a beautiful, firm architecture for the book. Even the organization of the book’s paragraphs and bullet points give the book a rhythmic and almost musical quality. Everything feels chosen and purposeful and connected. After reading, you might feel as though you collaborated with Romano, because her honesty and ability to empower others in their work infuses each moment.

Unlike other books of its kind, The First Ten Years considers the whole picture in a very alive way. You will not be guided to external goals. You will be invited to look inward, and by asking the right questions, you will begin to chart, redefine, unveil, awaken, write, play, sing, and share with purpose.”


This book is fantastic. Funny, insightful and somehow both vulnerable and strong. Courtney knows how to ask the right questions to get you focused and down to work.




I went to the Love Rally in Washington Square Park in November 2016. Here’s a short piece on what I found.

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the first ten years: pilot

The pilot of The First Ten Years was a Semi-Finalist at the Big Apple Film Festival and a Quarter Finalist for Page International Film Festival.

In addition to TFTY, I have also written a digital series on the absurdism of a woman’s anthropomorphized inner life as she struggles to define an outer life.