I never did like the traditional path.

Craig Hanson Photography

Craig Hanson Photography

I find rules and systems that are baked into our collective conscious to be kinda silly. When I think about my legacy, whether it's through writing, performing, speaking, or teaching, it's that

I want to tell stories to wake people up, lift them out of their seats and move them to action. I want the work I do to be a rebellious, status quo-busting, launching pad for change.

Too much to ask? I don't think so. And I want that for you, too.

I want to connect with the rebel-minded makers, the leaders, the artists at heart & the free-thinkers who want to make a legit impact through every inch of their life.


I get that it's tough. I know there are obstacles. I've faced my demons, too. So I practice the spiritual philosophy that the obstacles ARE the way and mindfully re-pattern how to live and work from the inside-out. I've narrowed down a few guiding principles worth embracing if we're to really start making lasting change:

  1. We must speak + befriend every fear in our heads, including, most  importantly, the Fear Of Being A Fraud.
  2. We must be willing to leave the safety net of normal.
  3. We must, must, must go all in.

The other thing you should know: I'm obsessed with building communities. I believe the more we galvanize each other, the better this funny world becomes. I want to share what I've learned and learn from you so we can break ground on new consciousness. So we can evolve into a compassionate force that stands up and makes a positive impact on the world, today.

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Craig Hanson Photography

Craig Hanson Photography

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