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Craig Hanson Photography

Craig Hanson Photography

I’m optimistic. I think, in general, if we stay vigilant and honest, things are going to be okay. That’s where I like to start.

I grew up in the middle of Pennsylvania, which I very recently realized people might consider more Midwest than Northeast. That befuddled me for a few days, but ultimately makes a lot of sense.

For the past decade, I’ve built a life in New York City, leaning into the slash. First it was actor slash dancer slash singer slash cater-waiter. Then actor slash server, slash bartender, slash consultant in a pyramid scheme, slash fitness instructor. I made my way through those years and came out on the other side with some damn good stories so I put them on the page.

Now I’m a writer and entrepreneur. There’s also a lot of brand + social strategy bookending those longer form projects.

The things I know for sure are that every challenge is a pathway. Every mistake is the beginning of a huge accomplishment, even if it’s “just” a spiritual one. And I know that finding the right collaborators can save your soul.

Would love to learn more about you. Drop me a line.


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